The Woodlands Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

The feeling of freedom you get from riding a cycle is the reason it's dangerous. There's no shield protecting you from other vehicles; it's just you and the hard road below. Because motorcycles occupy little space, other motorists tend not to see them in their mirrors.

This is why cyclists are 26 times more likely to die in a crash than someone in a car. Even when an accident is not fatal, it is very likely the injuries can be described as catastrophic, permanently altering the way a person moves, thinks and looks.

Motorcycle accidents have many causes: mechanical failures, bad roadways, driver error, fatigue, distraction and difficult weather conditions. Our investigation and research will reconstruct what happened to you or your loved one, and establish beyond a doubt whether someone was negligent in your loss.

Insurance companies don't care about your losses and will do what they can to avoid paying for them. Your rights and the compensation you rightly deserve are secondary to minimizing payouts. If you go up against insurance companies and their highly skilled lawyers on your own, good luck.

Improve Your Chances For Maximum Compensation

At Primavera & Ghezzi PLLC, our attorneys stand up for wounded, maimed and injured motorcyclists. In our decades of providing legal services in the Greater Houston area, we have represented thousands of cyclists, riders and surviving family in successful litigation. In the process, we have recovered millions in settlements and awards.

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